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Hi-diddly-ho Neighbor!


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Fresh meat here! I was just introduced to Malifaux at "Fall-In" and was immediately smitten!

At present I am working on a "Family" Guild Crew and a Resurrectionist McMourning Crew.

A serious shoulder injury is keeping me from painting as well as I previously could (and is slowing my progress down as well). I do promise, however, to post some pictures just as soon as I have something I feel is "post-worthy".)

I plan on entering some Tournaments (when I find some that are reasonable close!) I also plan on introducing the game to my local Wargame Club ("The Legion" in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

If anyone knows of any players close to Bethlehem, PA. I would be very excited to participate in any Malifaux games that might be occuring in my area.

Hope to see some of you soon!

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Hi and welcome! Sorry to hear about your shoulder, I know how much it sucks when injuries like that get in the way of a hobby, but hopefully it'll improve, or at least you'll find a work-around...(left handed painting!!!:D)

But glad to have you playing the games and of course happy to have you on the boards as well. Enjoy your time here :)

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