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Is it just me but it almost seems like Rami LaCroix is almost a little better than our own Nino.

Really? That's news to me. Rami is cheaper and has the potential to do alot of damage in a single shot, but he's also easier to kill (especially when he's regularly wounding himself) and can't fire multiple shots in a single activation like Nino can.

The Austringer is generally great for long ranged, LoS-ignoring attacks but I have my doubts about it's usefulness against hard to wound models, since their weak damage is so low. That doesn't mean he's bad. You wound't see one in so many Guild crews if he was.

Despite people thinking he was pants when Book 1 was released (and he was, right up until his errata), Hanns is now a solid sniper. His Cb isn't too hot but his gun does alot of damage and he's got the headshot trigger. Best of all is his ability to ignore forests and cover.

The last possible Sniper-style model would be the Freikorps Trapper. From what I can see of his rules, he won't do as much damage as Rami but can deploy where he wants, is far, far better in combat, won't die nearly as easilly and gets some nice bonuses when killing constructs and beasts (IIRC).

If you're really worried about Rami, a Guild Austinger is definitely the best option, especially with the anti-gremlin bonus he gets vs Rami. Failing that, your best bet is to try and get him into combat (like Nino he's useless in melee, but unlike Nino, he can't escape).

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