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Tactics: How to beat the Ortaga's, or any other good lists


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Hi all, I knew this name would be catchy and thus here you are wanting to know the secrets to beating an army you may or may not have trouble with in your gaming groups. Or maybe you’re an Ortega player wanting to shore up some lose ends in your playing style.

In either case this is a topic on how to beat an opponent, with any list, but I am focusing on the Ortega’s due to there simplicity to learn and master. But other lists like LCB Alp army of doom and Lilith’s brood of terrain avoiding death and such lists can be beaten, these are the steps I take when trying to defeat a partially challenging army.

First off a bit about me, I’m a regular player of the Ortega family, I own 7 different masters and there lists. By far the Ortega family list are my favorite. I have either won or tied with my list, this is due to some skill on my part (Humility not being one of them it seems) and though the easiness to play the Ortega clan.

The main reason why this army is so powerful is that it is simple. Out of all the masters in the game it is one of the most simple lists to... master (forgive the pun). Though that does not mean there are not tricky elements that you will learn to use once you get used to playing them, like using obey on your own models link Nino or Papa Loco to great effect. Or the proper use of Spell-breaker a rarely used and yet vary powerful spell.

First step to beating a any list has nothing to do with that list. Its fully understanding how your lists works,

First, Study your cards,

Seconded, Think of all the things your models can do, be it interesting or the most stupid things. Who knows the stupid thing that your model can do might just be the thing that wins a game for you. Also think of model combo that may or may not mesh, always remember mercenaries.

Third, Talk tactics on these forums

After you have done your best to fully understand your army and how it works you now must look at the opponent(s) you wish to beat, The key is to know your opponent, and how She/He plays, is your opponent defensive, aggressive, VP oriented or do they simply like to wipe out crews and win by default. Each thing you learn about an opponent changes how you should approach there lists, though player can change strategy from game to game you will soon start picking up underlining motivations for moves, what models they rely on too much and witch ones are just throw away pawns. Always remember that most players have a model or two that when lost they will conceder the game lost, these are most likely masters or powerful models like Nino.

Now its time to focus on beating the chosen army list. For my example I am choosing Perdita family list, like I said before there are a lot of hard to beat lists in the game and Perdita is not on the top of the list but she is the easiest one to master and there for more common in tournaments and such. First things first know what the army can do, research it like you did earlier for your army, read the cards understand how they fit together and talk about them on the forums.

The strengths of the Family.

First off There fast with a master who has fast, movement 6 plus obey.

Also they have fast activation with the ability to companion with the whole family +1 and a totem.

Next they are range focused, so open tables mean a big kill zone.

Perdita is Has High Defense and is next to impossible to kill when she has sole stones, she is also a gunfighter making = at range as she is in melee.

Papa loco is the perfect attacker when an opponent reacts to a lot of shooters by clumping up behind cover.

The Weakness of the family (you will find that its also some of there strengths)

There fast activation means they go first but it can also mean that they use there activations up giving you a lot of models that now can activate at the same time, though be it near the end of the turn.

They are range focused, perdita and Francisco are there only real melee fighters, Francisco is easly killed so there melee is a weakness, models like Nino and Santiago are useless in melee.

Perdtia has one of the lowest heaths next to the viks, if you ever get a red joker keep it in your hand, if you ever get a cheatable dame on Perdtia you could kill her with cheating the damage with the joker in one hit.

Only there master can really fight alone so if they splinter there list at all take them down one at a time.

There ranged base so getting into melee right away will kill Niño’s and Santiago’s effectiveness.

Models with armor could be the key for your list since the family have no way of ignoring armor.

Next come up with a game plan based on what you know about how your opponent plays and how the list can be used. Something on the lines of building your own list with fast Melee based characters should work on Perdtia family, also models with good DF vs Range attacks and even some that never get shoot at like bête or possibly kill joy.

The list goes on once you are able to understand your opponents, your lists and the ones you want to beat you should be able to pin point there weakness fine the models that will best do this and use them to secure victory in the game.

Well I hope this helps other players in the game and doesn’t sound like I’m too arrogant but I thought I would share what I do in games when I come across a hard list to beat. Feel free to ask any questions or to pose any other tatics that you use when facing a powerful list, or simply say well your wrong Mr. TimeLapse. (But pease dont forget why im wrong) also add any thoughts or ideas that i missed.

Lets talk Tatics!

-Andrew Haught

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The Showgirls have some good ways of shutting down the Perdita murder machine. Getting Cassandra into melee with her and then using Southern Charm will effectively shut down Quick Draw and Faster'N You, and ensure that her subsequent attacks will be uncheatable with a Negative twist on both Attack and Damage.

A Coryphee Duet can get into range of Nino easily and just murder him.

Disappearing Act, a great spell anyways, is excellent for putting Papa Loco somewhere his controller doesn't want.

I recommend melee for finishing off Santiago, as his Peacebringer Blade strikes are just way less effective than his blazing pistols.

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