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Help with my Ramos Crew


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So I won a local tourney at the weekend; 16 players, 30ss, Fixed List, with an enforced scheme regarding grabbing up counters scattered about the board. I was playing;


Mobile Tool Kit (3)

SPA Swarm (9)

SPA (3)

Coryphée (7)

Convict Gunslinger (6)

4ss Cache (2)

Now I've got to get ready for the UKGT in a couple of weeks. I need to pick at least 15ss of my crew by Friday, this 15ss will be fixed for all four rounds (3 @ 30ss total and 1 @ 40ss total). Strategies won't be announced until later.

So what do I pick?

Note that the above are not my only options. I can field anything from the current Arcanist range, plus a Gunsmith.

Any thoughts on what to fix appreciated.

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well after seeing your crew im taking ramos alon as well Im going to be going with


Tool kit 3

Arachnid swarm 9

1 single arachnid 3

That gets me the core of my crew @ 15 pts.

The rest will depend on what i have to get done.

ps whats the email to send the lists back though to as i kinda might hae lost it :footinmou?

have a look here to see how im getting along with putting hte crew together http://www.leeds-nightowls.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=1904.msg13293#new

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Mobile Tool Kit (3)

SPA Swarm (9)

SPA (3)

Convict Gunslinger could be a gunsmith but i have to try a few games with them (6)

with 9ss left depending on what im trying to get done in the game

Coryphée its great for getting out and grabbing objectives and injecting much needed speed.

I am also thinking of 2 garmin for some ranged power.

a large spider could also be good and would leave you with a massive SS cash.

Going to have to play a few games and see how they get on

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I need to test the gunsmith, especially as he's on my proxy list for the GT. As you say his slot overlaps the CGS. On paper the CGS looks better to me; Rapid Fire, Cb6, Trigger Happy, better damage line. As to how that matches up in practice with the Gunsmiths extra abilities I'll need to find out.

One tip on activating 'The Hard Way', summon the Electrical Creation in base contact with him. The creation activates bingo.

The thing I like about the Large SPA is he's significant and combat effective but cheap enough to throw away. You can't really sac a Steamborg or Spider Swarm to expose an enemy model to a counter attack, and a spider isn't a tempting enough target. An opponent can't really ignore a model with an 8+2" charge and melee expert.

Not sure the Gamin add that much range power in practice. They make nice road blocks though.

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ok been reading up last night.

mechanical rider with this proxi http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=prp_wmc_cyx_unt_521_000

Keris (winged flame woman probabaly got hte name wrong) for 8 ss

Drop the single spider and get 2 giant SPA for 7 net ss spent

Coryphée again for 7ss

take both hte Gunsmith and the convict for 6ss

one of them is probabaly how im going to play it im going to have to havea few games to figure out how im wanting it.

As for my tool kit im going for a steampunk R2D2 for the proxi. i have the barrel for hte main body and will plasticard up the legs and stuff.

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Sounds like a plan. I've not tested either of those options, mostly as we can't use them at the GT. For a normal game certainly think they'll be important options for Ramos.

Let me know how your test games get on. Your steampunk R2D2 sounds cool, not as cool as my Wall-E though.

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Well got a few games in with a good player at the club (rob played you at the torny).. Lost both games. Both due to initiative flips… all 4 I cheated and then flipped lower, I mean lower than a 5 on a reflip. Ahh well they where good games and I learned loads about what I picked for my crew.


Man I love them sooooo hard they gave me a great opportunity in the first game against collett. The Coryphee did a long range move late in the first turn I managed to get off my defensive trigger that froze the Coryphee in the middle of my crew and if I had first activation I could have dropped the thing with a shattering Gamin and 3 electrical fires from Ramos and tot. but it was not meant to be and I lost the int flip. The gamin can do this to any big guys that you want to try to isolate and nuke down.

These guys make great stalling units 5 wounds armour 1 and with arcing shield def 6. I will be keeping them in my crew. At 30 and 40 ss as long as my strategy is more defensive and I don’t need to attack as quickly.


I used the duet in my 40ss game and I would be using them again as the duet. I don’t think I would like using a 7ss unit with only 4 wounds. Also with out other show girls about you are losing a lot of utility. But dam is it nice to have a walk 9 that’s fast on the table. ( I may try out a Ramos leading dancing girl crew as a bit of fun. ) If I have a stratergy that means I have to get some where in my opponants ½ of the table quickly then I will probably take this over the 2 garming and gun smith.

The Gun smith

Only used in one game and he made one shot and killed Perditas totem and then got nuked down by an Ortega alpha strike so not a lot of feed back for him atm.

I did not try out the SS miner but I may use him over the Coryphee for a cheaper quick attacking unit. I just need to make up a proxy for it.

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