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Sound Strategy or Just Plain Lucky?


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So I played a 30pt game the other day against a fairly standard Lilith list (3 tots, 1 mature, 1 teddy). The stratagy was shared escape and survive. I announced Bodyguard Zorida (we only used one scheme each)

My list


VD doll


Mature Neph

Bad Juju

I wiped to floor, took out his whole crew (well his mature neph helped a lot...)

So was this the best list ever or was I just lucky?? (I really just wanted to run the most big bases I could...) (I know if I had the dreamer, but I don't)

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I assume he took the Teddy to avoid Z's obey but had his Mature bite him hard.

Neither list looks OP to me and it probably came down to terrain and model placement. Both lists look very mobile and leaning on the high value low count list.

Try it again and see if the outcome is the same or if it is different. He should also have kept his Mature way out on the flank to make your use of Obey harder. 10" charge is nasty, but can be mitigated.

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Shared escape and survive basically comes down to a firefight. That said, you brought more raw killing power right off the bat. If you're opponent wasn't transposing their units, they will have been in trouble right off the bat. Especially since they can't target either your teddy or juju with transposition. I honestly think that you're opponent didn't list stack well enough. They might have been able to take it with some schemes like Reclaim Malifaux, and things that didn't involve trying to overpower you. That said, it sounds like you fared pretty well. Congratulations.

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