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Painted Ophelia crew.. What do you think?


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Nice crew and I totally agree that those minis are really fun to paint. However, I would have liked some pictures as well. In the video it is quite hard to take a good look at all the details. What I could see, looked very nice though. One small point. The fire of the torch should be from white/yellow to red/black and not vice versa. The hottest part of the flame is its center and should be white/yellow. I hope it is clear what I mean. I think that quite a common mistake.

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Firsly i think the paint job you gave them looks good. i agree that goblins can look cartoony and i think its the intensity of the green in the skin tones.

I had the same problem when painting my goblins,couldn't help thinking they looked cartoony with just green. i re painted the skin with a lot of desert yellow to take the pow!! out of the green and give it a more earthy colour.

on another note i used a lot of light grey in my skin mix with my somer im an attempt to age him which i feel came of quite well.

oh and a nice brown wash on cloths and drybrush a bit of dirt and the cartoon was gone. would upload photos but my camera bust. i left some of the cloths a bit bright but all got muddy trouser legs.

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