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Breten's Painting Thread...


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So it's been awhile. I had a GenCon Blog for '09, and had to miss this year, so I've been out of the Malifaux loop for a little.

But the other week, my LGS of choice, Myth Games in Calgary, Alberta started carrying Malifaux. Last week he brought i the rulebook, cards, and a majority of starters. On Saturday I went in to give him a hand placing an order for blisters not foun in starters and such. And to support Malifaux in his store I picked up the Nicodem starter as I didn't have any Resurrectionists in my collection. The ex had Seamus and his Zombie hookers.

So Nicodem will be a demo force for the store, that I will leave on display. I got everything assembled on Saturday, and started painting on Sunday, finishing 2 zombies on Monday night.

I finished off Mortimer, and the 3rd Zombie last night as well as starting Nicodem. Got his pants and coat and flesh done. This is a quick paint job project, Tableop Quality demo Starter Box for display and use at Myth Games, my LGS of choice. So there aren't a lot of highlights, it's basicall drybrushing and washes. Eyes are also not done, nor are teeth. I personally can't see faces without super strong glasses in my old age, so I don't spend a lot of time on faces for tabletop gaming models. I might go back and do some facial details later.

Here's some quick pics of the zombies and Mortimer:


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I went with a limited palette on these, sticking to browns and greys for simplicity, time constraints, and because they are dirty zombies! :)

The only spark of colour is the scarf on Mortimer and the hair on the zombies. Sadly, the yellow light washes out the colour a bit too so they come across a little dull.

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Thanks. So far we seem to be getting a lot of interest. I ran guy through the mechanics, and he loved it. Nabbed the books, Lilith and Sonnia, an Lilith was painted and I played a full game with him last night. As all the Warmachine guys looked on in interest so with any luck a few of those will be biting as they did like the minis.

Gonna try and finish Nicodem, and start Necropunks that I had for Levi.

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