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Ortega Box, Extra Piece (TINY!)


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Hello all. So, buddy of mine recently got down with Malifaux and choose the Ortega family as his first crew. Upon receiving his box, he ripped it open and played a few games with his figs (unassembled, stuck to the bases with blue tack; very classy). Now well into clean-up and assembly, he finds he's left with a tiny, cylindrical piece with a goove. I assume it's some tiny part of Papa Loco, but we cannot for the life of us locate it in any of the pics online or in the documentation.

Anyone out there with Perdita's crew have a clue what the stink this tiny piece is? I don't have a pic of it, I'm hoping someone might know what I'm talking about ...


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That's Papa Loco's Utility Belt Dynamite Stick. I haven't seen any photos of him recently, but I think you might not see it because it's only seen from the angle that he's hardly ever photographed from. I glued mine so the groove goes around Papa's belt, over his right hip. If I remember correctly, I had to cant it slightly so it would fit snug against his side (it didn't look right sitting perpendicular to the belt).

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Some people do. Most people don't.

Most people can't figure out what it is for!

(I believe that Peterdita was the first to actually post a pic with Loco having the stick in his mouth. A Rotten Harvest entry I think.... Check out the galleries. There are a few pics of Loco in there with the mouth piece.)

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