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First crew results


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Yeah, models always tend to look better from a short distance compared to close up pictures. Of course, thanks to those pictures you can go back and touch up those places you found some problems with. ;)

Your models look pretty good though, so I wouldn't worry too much.

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Tadaka I definitely feel the same way about pictures as you do. Svenn is right though, the extra zoon can really be a tool if you use it to check for potential touch-up areas.

If I can offer one suggestion for eyes that has helped me (you can still do it to your group without changing anything):

I load a fine-point brush with some black wash and "inject" it into the eye sockets by touching it there. I then wipe the brush dry and use it to soak up and remove any excess wash.

What it does is darken the eye cavity a bit. Then, if you paint a small point of white on the eye, the eye really stands out. Also, if you start with already having a white eye (like your models do) and then wash it black, then hit it with white again, it looks good.

What it does is add contrast where the eye sinks in, this both calls more attention to the eye, makes the eye look less sloppy, and adds more definition to the facial features.

I've been using Games Workshop's Badab Black wash for my eye sockets, but there is no reason you can't make your own if you have some black paint and a little mixing medium.

Also, you can substitute black for another dark color like purple or violet if you want your character to have eye shadow.

Hope that was helpful.

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