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Hi, I'm the owner of Game Theory in Raleigh, NC, and I'm a big time Malifaux Fan. I've been playing the game for a while now, and I was the first store in my area to have a league and really push the awesomeness.

I am confused. I've had all the new items on preorder for a while with my local distributors for about 3 months and they say they don't have anything - yet, my customers are coming in with all the new items and ordering from this website.

I hope you guys do great, because I love the game, but I'm concerned when I'm leading the Malifaux charge in my area and I am not being supported by the company. I have no posters, no new product, and look like an ass because I just have to shrug when my customer apologize for ordering directly online. They feel guilty about it, but I have to agree with their decision. If they can't get it from me, they have to get it somewhere.

I give my customers a 10% discount on everything, and I speak for all the game stores when I say this. If you want Malifaux to become even more popular than it already is, you MUST support the game stores. We provide the place to play, the leagues, and a place where your henchmen can recruit new players.

If I can help at all, please let me know.

My Malifaux Meetup is the #1 in the world right now, and I have numerous players, and will continue to support my favorite game. 2 of my customers volunteered for the Malifaux booth at GenCon and both of us were in the last scrap.

I know that GenCon caused a backlog when it comes to supplying distributors, but it is killing me to have no new product and no way to get any.

I guess that is a good problem to have for you guys.




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It is a good problem, but one we are working on. Despite some folks assumption that we are as large as some of the gorillas in the market, that's not quite the case and has always been a smaller operation that grows with its market and demand.

Product is being sent out to distributors, some are closer than others, and with the volume that we are handling, we are working long hours, including the weekend, to make certain that orders are processed.

While we certainly appreciate the interest as well as the concern, its a matter of dealing with volume and growing with it at the moment and I suspect most distributors and retailers should have their product by the end of this week.

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