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Another new player from Iowa


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I picked up a starter box of Malifaux a couple weeks ago and have played a total of 3 games! I was never really interested in miniatures until I saw the Malifaux rulebook on my local game store's counter and fell in love with the art. Then I picked up one of the boxes next to it and got really excited about painting it! It kinda just dominoed from there. I'm a friend of semanticdm so he also helped with convincing me that I should buy it and I'm glad he did.

So I ended up buying a Lilith box because I was told that she beats faces and I am glad to say that the first miniature I have ever painted is a Mature Nephilim ^__^.

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She's been beating face and loving it. :-D

If you're ever able to make it out to Cedar Rapids, we normally play Friday nights and Sundays.

And Aliase, welcome to the game. Where out in Des Moines are you playing? I was at Mayhem a couple weeks ago, didn't see anything Malifaux-related. Then again, I wasn't looking.

~ SemanticDM

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Mayhem only has a small amount of Malifaux stuff. Like four battle boxes at the most and a few fate decks. Last night at the shop I found out that about 3 other locals all picked up Malifaux from GenCon. So it looks like it might be starting up at the store :) I couldn't find anyone to play my first game with though b/c all their Malifaux stuff was still in boxes. I am so anxious to play I already have my assembled and primed!

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