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You're not worth my time (theoretical list/tactics)

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I was mulling over ideas for a Seamus crew a the other day and noticed that Bette Noir's spell Mark for death it only takes an 8 flip to get off, has range 12 and no resist and identical effects to Seamus's excessive bleeding trigger; target becomes insignificant at end of game unchea table Wp->12 flip or count as killed.

There's one more model with a similar ability Hamelin, sure Hamelin has better things to do than attack 90% of the time but it's an option for a low def master (it is unfortunate that it's on a crow trigger though).

Of course anytime one of these three could get a kill in one activation rather than just tagging a model insignificant you'd do so and any of these three could kill quite a few things. Against anything bigger though, you'd tag it with insignificant then tie it up with your weak filler models. Basically, if all three of these models survive 2-3 turns you're opponent should be incapable of acheiving any strategy or scheme other than slaughter or assasinate.

My initial thought for a 30ss list is

Seamus-2 cache

Bette Noir-9



canine remains-2

canine remains-2

cache 6

I know a Seamus list without belles is blasphemy but it feels like a lot of filler models are needed to make up for all the point concentration in Bette and Hamelin. Also Seamus can summon belles but not dogs and punks.

All the usual potential shennanigans apply of course like getting more dogs and having them kill each other an Seamus off one, collect counters and summon a belle then have copycat summon Seamus from 15 inches away on it's second turn then walk, shoot, summon, walk to cover.

In a brawl I'd figure either McMourning for his huge ss cache and pick up the sebastian and zombie chiuaha to get the flesh construct factory going or Hamelin assuming he has most of the minion's abilities and can team with Seamus.

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It is an intresting Idea... you will have to post how the field test go for this, I am thinking that it looks more effective on paper and harder to pull of in game but I might be wrong and I would love to be because that is a whole new take on this.

Beware of guild lists with spellbreaker, disspell Magic and Shrug off since that will end that insignificant effect.

But then again if you know you are playing a guild player you can ajust acordenly.


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