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Hello! greetings from Sweden!


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Hey my name is John and i come from the southern part of Sweden, Ive currently found out about this game and it just looks amazing! and the whole game system! i just say Waow! Im currently trying to get a few of my friends in the area to join in to this game im planing on buying the rules and 1-2 starter boxes to get going, Im currently looking to play Lady justice couz i simple just LOVE the model.. i do have a few questions to the people on the forum like

1. do u get faithcards in ur starter box? or u buy em seperatly?

2. is there anyone els in Sweden that plays this game in the current moment?

anyhow i will be lurking around on the forum to see if something interessting happens and ofc talk about the game play etc and if its possible to get a few tips and stuff for just the game and allso base-modeling. Ur friend John :)

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Welcome to the forums! There are plenty of people who will answer any questions you may have but I will start.

1. The fate cards have to be purchased seperately from the crew box sets.

2. No idea if either of the two listed are near you but there are a couple of Swedish players on the find a game thread which can be found here.


I have found it is easy enough to convert people once they see the mini's close up though.

I know you said you are from the South but have you ever been to that crazy book/miniature shop in Gamla Stan in Stockholm?

I can't remember what it's called but I would give anything to have that shop anywhere in the UK....

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hey and thanks!. oh well its a bummer u need to buy the card deck seperately.

I can't say i have ive acctually never been to stockholm ive never had the possibility to go there. i spend to much money on figures and other random stuff. Train tickets are just to expensive.

well thanks atleast that you told me and allso thanks for the thread that u showed ill check it out and see if there is some people around my area that are playing it atm. hopefully my friends will join in once they see the minatures :).

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