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Looking to start a 40ss LadyJ army.


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Hello all, I have been contemplating starting Malifaux for some time now and have been drooling at the sight of those beautiful modles for a while now.

So I come here to put up my 40ss list for review, as I would like an opinion on it before I commit to a purchase. (Yes I know they aren't that expensive, but when you're running on a shoestring gaming budget, you need to watch what you spend.)

So here is the list,

Lady Justice

The Judge

Peace Keeper

3 x Death Marshall

3 x Witchling Stalker

I see this as a very themed group, LJ The Judge and the Peacekeeper acting as the heavy hitters, with the Marshalls and the Stalkers acting as harrying and lockdown troops to tie up the other groups untill one of the heavies can get in there to do some damage..

If this is a bad combo, please show me the errors of my ways, I wish to learn and hopefully have a good crew to start playing with.

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personally what i see here is an VERY melee heavy army, and I'd replace the Peacekeeper with The Executioner. And then pocket the extra soulstones, granted Lady J really doesn't need them but it's always helpful to cover her ass when those heavy hitters come toe to toe with her.

and about the Peacekeeper, he seems very impressive and granted he IS! being one of my favorite models it's just there's no synergy between him and Lady J, his drag is really the only thing that'll help Lady J. I'd drop him for the Exy, far more synergy and all in all, cheaper soulstone and pocket wise.


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My recommendation is to only pick up a 25 SS crew right now, play that a few games, and then round it out when the new book comes out in a few weeks.

Grab yourself Lady J, the Judge, a couple death marshalls and a couple stalkers. A good solid core.

Then, when the new book is out and after you've played a few games, read through and decide how to flush out your army with either the list you just suggested, or maybe with a new model or two thrown in.

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Welcome to Malifaux. It is nice to have you with us. Lady Justice is a wonderful choice for your starting crew. She is an amazing master.

All that said. The 40SS list will really depend on your playing style. I, like many of the people who have already commented prefer the executioner over the peacekeeper. The executioner has some huge draw backs. Mostly that he is so easy to hit and if he caught by range he is in big big trouble. The peacekeeper really isn’t going to worry about this. However, his biggest advantage is he can heal with love of the job which is such a rare ability on the guild side of the table.

Also you can box him for transport with a death marshal. Hopefully fairly early in the game you can get the crow and buy yourself the time to build up a strong mask hand so lady J can destroy the other crew.

On the other hand if you are on a shoe string budget, but are looking toward the future. If you really like our new master and want to get an early jump on the constructs so that you are comfortable with them then I encourage you do that. In the end the most important thing is to have fun. The guild really doesn’t have poor choices so you can’t go to wrong.

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