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A New Arcanist Here...


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Heya, guys. As a 1yr+ 40K player, I have heard a lot of good things about Wyrd on the various podcasts and forums across the net. I did a little research on the game and eventually I purchased the Malifaux rulebook about two weeks ago. In all honesty, I figured it would be a quick read before I decided to ebay the book and curse myself for not spending the money on something else.

Instead, I have purchased two starter crews (Ramos and Nicodem), fully painted one (Ramos), and played my first game of Malifaux at my FLGS. This game is amazing! From the dynamic flipping mechanics to the colorful character abilities I am - officially - hooked.

I will be ordering a few more models to complete Ramos' crew later today, so I just wanted to pop on and say hello to the community. I look forward to fueling my magic with your souls!


Edit: BTW - I am in the Fort Lauderdale area and play at Tates Gaming Satellite for anyone interested...

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