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Hi all. After the latest GW price hike, I've decided to switch over to Malifaux. Got tired of building armies that cost hundreds, and I see that this game I can play with a lot less money. That being said, I've decided to grab to crews so my wife and I can play. I'm planning on buying the rulebook at the same time, so I'm basing these on purely liking models and chat on the forums.

My crew (Guild)

Death Marshals box and Witchling Stalkers booster.

Her Crew (Arcanists)

Cult of December box, Hoarcat booster, Sabertooth Cereberus, and December acolyte.

My question is this, would these be good choices/fun to play starting? I'm flexible with what I would play, but I know my wife will love the December cat-based crew. Thanks for the help!

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Those look like a great selection for starting the game. The Death Marshals are maybe the simplest Starter to play (only direct damage melee and ranged with some buffs for allies, no complex tricks) and the December box is very even for beginning games against that one (maybe a bit more complicated but gives nice contrast for melee & ranged vs. casting & defense).

Witchlings are great all rounders for any Guild crew. I doubt you will find a game where you would not like to use at least one, especially against an Arcanist Crew. However, I would avoid the rest of Sonnia's Starter as they have a big advantage over Tina which might frustrate your wife a bit.

For Arcanists the Cerberus is their epitome of speed and mobility, perfect for countering the ranged units of the Guild. The Acolyte has a bit more complex abilities, so maybe leave him out from your first games. He is great in scenarios thanks to his special deployment rules. For the Hoarcats, you should get more than one base to get the best out of them. Their best ability requires you to have two of them next to each other. Most people like using three so they can afford to lose one. One will certainly feel a bit lackduster since they cannot use Devour effectively. Getting three also gives Tina two completely different themed crews to run.


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For your guild models, you've got quite a good set there, but I think you might find yourself wanting a bit of a heavier unit to take on the ice golem, sabertooth etc. For guild units, you just don't get cooler looking than the peacekeeper, though he is the most expensive malifaux unit. If you're turned off by the price, a mercenary like Taelor or Bishop might be what you're looking for, or the Executioner.

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