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Wanting to run some demo events...


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...but unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I'm familiarizing myself with the rules, but I want to make sure that I have a few good crews available to people who just want to try the game out.

I personally do not own any Malifaux models (yet), but I've been looking at Lilith, McMourning, and Ramos as possible crews. However (and this is a big however), I'd like to assemble two or three crews that are relatively balanced against each other (no constructs VS undead matches, for instance) so that new players can feel as though they're able to explore their crew's options to the fullest.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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The three lists i would get is, Rasputina, The Viktorias and Perdita. There a good start and you can run the out of the box easly.

I like those three crews because they haelp you play with the rules, one is magic focused, other more melee and the last range. The viks box is not concidered the best crew but I like it because it a great crew to learn with. I would look into gettng the convict gunslinger to have for any of the lists and Misaki to throw into the viks crew.

Ramos need to go outside of his boxset to get a good list going, You would be better ording him and 4 sets of 3 spiders, the brass and Alyce to start playing around with his list well and he is harder to get into the swing of the game then the others. If you go for ramos I would grab Johan out of the vik box (Repace with Rohin or Miski) and add him to the ramos boxset at the vary lest to get some good range and melee.

Just some ideas,

Andrew Haught

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I have to agree with Timelapse. Ramos and McMourning box sets are not good right out of the box. They are also a little more complicated since they need add ons to be viable forces.

Sonnia is a great starter box set for demos as is any of the guild boxes. A few recomendations for other demo box sets are: Rasputina, seamus ( though he is a pretty powerful), lilith, and The Viktorias

good match ups are

Lady J vs lilith

Tina Vs Sonnia

Seamus Vs Perdita

Nico Vs Marcus ( little more advanced)

As far as how to run demos, sometimes its best to just take a master and two generic grunts and let people go to town on each other on a two by two board. a more advanced demo idea is box set vs box set on the standard 3x3 board.

peace out

AZ :nicodem

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