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Good 2nd crew for friends to play

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Hello everyone, I've recently picked up Malifaux and am looking at starting a second crew for friends to play. I am playing McMourning, so i'm looking for a crew that will be balanced to play against and not be too one sided (no Lady J, Pandora, etc.). Also, a lot of the people in my gaming group are playing rasputina so I'd like to avoid her.

Would the Vik's be a good choice?

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My 2nd crew is the Viks, but I went CUSTOM ale carte. The Viks box set (sux). I bought the 2 viks and a box of 3 ronin, and a convict gunslinger to give me the initial 25ss. I play them against my Nicodem group and both being CC oriented makes for some clawing over each other.

However, the Ortegas are another good out of the box solution if you don't want to buy ala carte.

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