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Looking for cheap 2nd crew


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So I have Nicodem and love him (but man he's spendy to get all the models he can summon!)

With that in mind I was thinking of getting a second crew just to have around if anyone I knew wanted to play. With the idea of cost yet a good crew in mind, what would you recommend? I was trying to avoid the large need to buy tons more models to support this second crew.

I was thinking maybe an Outcast group and use some of them as Mercenaries if I wanted to support Nico, or whatever. What box set is good out of the box without anything more than corpse counters needed? I was thinking Viktorias, but open to suggestions.

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The Ortegas (possibly with Perdita's Totem) are a solid self-contained crew.

Also, Lilith (with a blister of Young Nephilim, and possibly a Totem too) are also a pretty compact and self-contained crew.

In terms of fluff and not needing to buy lots of models, those two do well and fit the criteria. They are straightforward to learn, but still have some finesse detail to learn as well. I personally loved painting the Ortegas too, and even have a fully painted crew (something that is so rare, I posted pix in this forum!)

Otherwise, you might do better picking up another Resurrectionist Master to make use of some of the models you already have, and you'll have a legal friendly to team up with in Brawls as well.

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Pandora straight out of the box doesn't need any added models at all. Her battle box is probably her strongest and most balanced list you can find. Literally, you don't need to buy anything else for her. Even her totem is meh and she functions possibly better by having the added SS.

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Thanks a ton, it came down to Lady Justice, Ortegas, and a custom Viktoria order (not starter box). Considering they'd probably be going against my Nicodem, that put Lady Justice out (one sided there), and I like some balance. Purely shooty ortegas seem fun, but don't seem balanced in a CC front? Went with the Viktorias option.

I'll be buying Viktoria Bounty hunter and sword mistress, then buying a box of 3 Ronin, and I already own a Convict gunslinger. That will be that crew. Might even buy Hans someday, Thanks for all the input!

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Good choice ! Viks with Ronin and the Gunslinger make a cheap (both $ and SS) and effective crew. Not too sure about Hans though....

What would you take a Viks, 3 Ronin, and Gunslinger list to 30ss with? As it stands now, it's a 25pt list, what would you put in it (or remove/add) to make it a 30ss list?

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Going with the Vik crew you've mentioned, I'd suggest Taelor to go with them instead of Hans. She's capable of holding up and beating a couple of opposing models all on her own. Her 3" melee range plus the damage she can dish out makes her as well as her defensive capabilities make her a big plus in a Viks crew.

I've taken on Lady J and 2 death marshals with her and beaten them.

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Where the love for hans?

I find that most people look at Nino and dont think twice about hans saying he is too pricey and not worth his points.

But he is sooo worth his points.

Here is what he becames if played right

He is a CB 5:rams

Damage 4,4,7 (If you flip a ram in the attack)

Damage 3,3,6 (Normaly since you atuo have a ram)

Attack flips get :+fate

Damage flips get :+fate:+fate

Things to remember with hans

Crit hit with rams means that he is at lest a 3,3,6 for damage. If you pull a ram he is a 4,4,7.

Next thing to remember is his custum ammo ability that gives him a :+fate on damage flips if you are fireing against certen things.

Next you must always remeber that he can use the Focus ability that takes two actions but gives him :+fate in attack flips and :+fate in damage flips.

This is great for helping kill those hard to wound characters in the game. also this also means that Hans has a good chance on cheating his damage.

Where Nino may get more shoots off in a turn Hans gets the one high damage shoot each turn.

Two things to look out for when running hans,

1st he doesnt like to move a shoot, so be ready for him to fail those shoots.

2nd he has no close combat, keep a fighter near him to charge anything that gets too close.

Dont get me wrong Tealor is a good model but sometimes you need range and she does not help out there. for heavy Melee you got the Viks and for medum melee and range you got the ronin, so in my mind you need heavy range and that would be hans.

The list I would bring is the following

Both Viks

2 Ronin 10

Hans 8

Convict gunslinger 5

Student of conflect 3

Total 26 leaving you with 4SS to resummon Vik twice if needed.

But thats what I would run, in most cases, if i was playing VS ramos or any list that has losts of amoured units then Tealor is the one I would bring, though hans has the ablity to ignore armor as well... so it would have to be the terrain that will make me chose, if there is a alot and hans would have to get up close to be effective then Tealor goes in the list instead.

Hope this helps,


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What would you take a Viks, 3 Ronin, and Gunslinger list to 30ss with? As it stands now, it's a 25pt list, what would you put in it (or remove/add) to make it a 30ss list?

Misaki is also a solid choice. She has some real adaptability, but taelor is a solid tank.

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