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Greetings from Belgium!


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Hello everyone!

As a new forum user, I would like to introduce myself as I see myself spending a lot of time here.

My name is Steve, I hail from belgium and I simply LOVE Malifaux!

I've picked up wargaming about 5 years ago.

I started with Warhammer 40k and it's really a hobby that touches everything I value in life.

Well "value" might be the wrong word but you see where I'm getting at ... :-)

Competition is very import for me but I find the creative side of the entire hobby very satisfying.

I'm really into modelling and I performed some modifications on the Ice Golem. I made one hand a fist instead of the "I'm going to slap you silly" pose. That's about the most I could think of, the sculpts are pretty awesome. Especially when you compare it to the quality of Games Workshop models.

In Malifaux I decided to use Rasputina as my mistress, the story behind her was really intriguing. I'm a very independant person myself and conjuring ice storms is about as cool as it gets.

Get it? "cool" ...

Right ...

So that's my introduction, if anyone else want to know more ... PM me

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