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Hi everyone, call me Raven. I've been lurking the forums for a while, but just now decided to register and start posting now that I'm getting into Malifaux. I've known about Malifaux for a while, but our store just recently started carrying the game. I actually asked the owner to get some starters and rulebooks. My local store mostly plays Warmachine/Hordes, but we have almost as many 40k players and a good chunk of Warhammer Fantasy, with a few people getting into Flames of War. I liked the look of Malifaux's minis and the smaller, skirmish scale drew me to the game due to the faster pace and (More importantly) smaller money investment.

I'm still in the process of getting people to start picking it up so we can have a decent player base. I only own Rasputina's box so far, with some blisters on order to add to my crew. I've only played maybe three games mostly because, besides myself, we only have three other players who have picked up starters. Three other guys are about to buy starters though. Once I get more games in and have a better handle on the rules I think I'll apply to be our store's local Henchman.

Anyway, besides Malifaux I'm into Warmachine and Hordes. Been playing Warmachine for nearly six months and have around 80 points of Retribution. I just started picking up a Skorne army in anticipation of Primal Mk II and only have around 20 points so far.

Besides miniature gaming I'm really big into video games, and the two hobbies are constantly competing for my money and time. I own a good deal of Magic cards, but I don't buy much anymore (Mostly because I don't like the newest set at all) and only play every now and then. And finally, I read a good deal too, mostly military/espionage nonfiction and techno-military thrillers, fantasy, and some sci-fi.

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Welcome to Wyrd - push the pewter crack!

What video games you into? I used to be heavily into them for years, then strayed away for a long while, and am now starting to dip my toe again in an effort to find something to relax a bit. It's got to be mindless though, I've I've got to think .. no fun for me. :)

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Great to hear you're getting others in your store into Malifaux, that's what really helps us grow, and is much appreciated. Definitely apply for the Henchman program when you're ready.

Anyway, great to have you in the forums, welcome! Enjoy your stay :D

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I play a pretty wide variety of video games. I own a decent gaming PC, a PS3, 360, and Wii, though the Wii hasn't been touched in ages and the 360 just Red Ringed on me and I'm waiting for Microsoft to send it back. The main genres I play are RPGs, shooters, and RTS games. The game I'm currently playing the most is Brutal Legend for the PS3, and I've been alternating between MAG, Supreme Commander 2, and Demon's Souls. I'm going to pick up Alpha Protocol when it comes out in a little over a week, but I really need to change my pre-order to the PS3 version just in case my 360 doesn't come back by then.

Oh, and I just picked up the Lilith starter today and we played a few games at the store. Got another guy interested because of the smaller scale and the fact that the game has zombie hookers, a demented Care Bear from hell, and a possessed baby carrying a knife that has an ability called "Kid's got a Knife!"

I'll paint up my starters and apply to be a Henchman in the future, but I may put it on hold for a bit. The next Warmachine/Hordes league starts in two weeks. For those who don't know about Warmahordes, the leagues tend to last nearly a month. Since our local game store has nearly 20 Warmachine/Hordes players, it might be VERY hard to squeeze in any Malifaux during that time. Plus, I'm going to be pretty busy getting my Skorne together for the event. After that I should have plenty of time to host some events though.

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