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Hi From the Greater Seattle Area

Nuke Mechanic

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Hi, I have been painting and playing miniature games off and on since I was 13. If not for misspelling typed into a search engine I would have never found Wyrd. I like the quality of the products and enjoy painting them up. Right now I am in the process of trying to get my gaming group on board with trying out Malifaux. The card based mechanic is turning into a rather hard sell. Thanks for reading!


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Hi and welcome to Wyrd. Yeah, some people just love their dice, but we've found that if you can get them to try it once, they'll probably really enjoy it...or never want to play again, but at least you'll know! We've usually found that people get hooked pretty fast on the mechanics though.

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Cards aren't for everyone, folks have it ingrained that the only way you can play is with dice. As Eric has said though, if you can get them to try it we've found folks are usually happily surprised.

Failing that, strap them down to a chair and force them to watch Barney hour up on hour until they give in.

Welcome to Wyrd!

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