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Buffalo Snow?


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Bicarbonate of soda? Doesn't that turn yellow after awhile?

Not in my experience. I've got some mixed with white/clear sand, and it hasn't yellowed at all.

I think the idea that it yellow is actually from the glue that some folks have used with it. Elmers yellows over time, for example. I use Aleen's tacky glue for hobby projects for that reason, it isn't supposed to yellow, and I haven't seen it do so yet in about four years of using it.

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Using bicarb of soda with PVA glue has worked well for me.

I live in a sub-tropical area so if it were to deteriorate, it would have when humidity beats 100% at 25 degrees centigrade.

The only issue I had was a big area of PVA that does not get soda on it will shine, so its worth packing the soda on.

Seeing as you can pretty much dump your mini in a jar of the stuff its hard to bugger up.

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