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Crooked Man Nerfs?


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Right, this seems to me kindof silly. I always thought that the construction of a minefield of sorts was the point of them? Only being able to make them at close range, and then have them vanish makes them sooo easy to play around. Perhaps, if you think it's overpowered - tweak their SS cost to reflect how good you think they are as they were, and let them keep the minefield?

Anyone else got any thoughts on this? I haven't played with them as much as I'd have liked to before making this thread, so most of this is unfounded, but it just feels like they're pointless now.

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i thought similar (whisper and i got into an argument about it! :o ) using my Crooked Man ... but getting an activation off quickly with him, you can deny enemy movement for a turn, or use Belles to lure enemy into the counters (rememebr they have a range in which they go off)

plus i recall the Crooked Man has a couple of quite nifty triggers (no rulebook here at the moment :( )... i know he managed to take a pigcharge from a stampeding Warpig and survive! :o

as with Mortimers Exhume; sometimes you've got to look beyond the obvious uses and throw them at the enemy :D

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