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Guild Ortega Boxset - New Bases & Pics


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I had these guys painted up last week, but I wanted to rip them off the regular bases I had and use the new ones I just received from Dragon Forge in a previous post. So here they are, better pics, better bases, sealed and ready for gaming tonight.

As I mentioned in the previous post, these are a quick and dirty paint scheme intended to get them on the game table.

So here are the new pics and the new bases.








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These are the Urban Rubble set. It took me quite a bit to finally decide between a few of the sets as they are all kick ass. Cobblestone and Wasteland II were the other two I was considering.

These bases are top notch! Very clean lines, awesome detail, and the most important thing… even bottoms to the bases. No need for tons of filing/sanding to level out the bottom of the bases. Overall I am thrilled with the bases.

Dragon Forge Round Lip Bases

Make sure to check out his sale prices and promos too. I was able to get a 50mm base for free by spending over $30.

So kudos to Jeff Wilhelm at Dragon Forge, not only does he make awesome bases, he is a great guy as he was more than willing to share some painting tips on his work. I’ll definitely be picking up more bases from him for future projects.

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