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I had an idea for a quick set of stories for MalifauX that I thought I would share. Please not that this story takes place on August 31, 1888 in London, England. Any feedback is welcome and if it's well recieved, perhaps I'll continue the story line. It is written from the main characters point of view, as he talks to Mary. Hope you enjoy it. Without further ado, I give to you The Exporer.


Hush little darling, don’t say a word. Papa’s got a lot of work to do before you’re through.

Perhaps you’re wondering what I’m doing, or maybe who I am? I normally wouldn’t tell this to one of your kind, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. After all, who are you going to tell?

Where should I start? There are things you don’t know, or does any of your kind, actually. While most would say the beginning, I don’t think you have that much time. So we’ll start what your people would call a century ago.

Many years before, your people invaded my homeland thinking that they had a right to what they found. They came to our world with their tools, their machines and thought to take things that didn’t belong to them. They thought that they had a right to what is rightfully ours. Those of us who have been around since the dawn of time. Those of us who have endured and conquered our realm since time immortal. They were wrong. We fought back, and closed their way to our world. But we left our own paths open to recover what your kind stole from us.

Hmmmmm, just a moment, I need to reposition your head. It should be to the left, I believe. Ah, much better. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. The recovery.

It was decided among my kin that we should recover what was taken from us. To return our stolen property to where it belongs. But to do that, it would require us to be able to move from our world to yours without your kind being able to do the same. A few of us were given what the first traitors called ether to sustain ourselves in your world. Small openings were created between the two realities so we could search and find what we were ment to have.

No, not yet. I need you to stay with me, Mary. Not for much longer, but you need to stay. I promise, it won’t be much longer.

I was one of the ones sent to find our lost ether. My portal opened here in London and at first I thought I knew all the horrors made possible by this reality. However, there were side effects none of our kind would have thought existed. Among them is the inability to hold our strengths in your world. It’s only by taking your kinds energy that we can reestablish our own.

Which brings us to our little “arrangement.” When you offered me what ever I wanted in exchange for a few coppers, how could I pas that up? While you believed the only thing I wanted was some fun with you while you laid there, I knew you would give me so much more. With your life, I will live on to continue the search. So far, I’ve found four sets of ether, and thanks to you, I’m sure it will continue.

Do you see this stone? This is the ether I look for. Your sacrifice will allow me to continue, for when you die, it will take your strength and make it mine to use as I see fit. And I want to thank you for your help.

Now you might feel a slight prick when it touches you. But that’s normal, for with your blood it will make it whole again. There, that didn’t hurt too much, did it? Oh, and to be fair, I should at least tell you my name. Most of your kind call me Jack.

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