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Arcanist's Rebuke


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Rasputina had heard stories that the Ramos was out looking for a unique item and had shadowed him as this was supposedly something tied to the Cult of December and needed to be protected. When out in the area she found that Ramos was the only one searching, the Ortegas were also out; although rumor had it they were planning a trap.

Taking the battle in a section of Downtown that nature had started to take over in parts. Perdita got the drop on both Rasputina's and grew and Nino started out by moving into range, and taking aim, tapping into his ability to see the unseen, and taking careful aim at Rasputina's Ice golem. He managed to pull off the shot and chambering the next round in a swift move. A small chip was taken outta the Ice golem and Nino took his next shot (damn Trigger Happy fool) managing a second shot and got trigger happy again, taking a third shot, causing another couple of small chinks to the Golem. After the third shot, the gun jammed and Nino was heard cursing. Rasputina looking to throw a bit of a barrier, threw a couple of Ice Pillars in Nino's direction effectively blocking his view.

The Ice Gamen seeing Ramos started heading toward him while Papa Loco started running down the middle with Franciso in tow.

Meanwhile Ramos seeing Rasputina sneaking toward him sent his Steamborg around the back of an old church to sneak around back and get up on Rasputina from behind. His Spider swarms in the meantime headed forward on the gamin in the front.

Perdita had gotten her way heading toward the high ground and started shooting at the Spiders in the forest managed to hit them and do a bit of damage to the swarm.

The gamin as they closed in managed to pull off an icy blast toward the spider swarm but didn't manage to get much damage, but managed to aggravate the swarm enough that they all rushed toward the Gamin. Making a strike against the gamin but suffered from a lockup in his joints as the gamin cause the air to fall below sub-zero temperatures effectively stopping him in his tracks.

Papa loco started to head down the middle and got close enough to start throwing a few sticks of dynamite at the crowd. managed to take out a couple of spiders, but Ramos was hiding in the back finding scrap and constructing spiders. so while the damage was being done, they just kept coming.

The Ice Golem was moving to provide support for the gamin. The swarm in the meantime made its attack against one of the gamin, after a couple of swift strikes he managed to destroy the Gamin, which shattered doing some damage to swarm but also managed to hit his brother gamin who was also nearby by causing a second shatter which managed to take out the swarm as its final damage.

Papa Loco started to throw dynamite at the ice golem but didn't manage to do much damage to him. The remaining Gamin made its Icy Blast against Papa Loco causing Papa a bit of damage and with the severity of the blast managed to also hit the nearby Santiago.

Rasputina unleashed December's Curse on Papa loco and Both Papa and Santiago felt the Icy touch of December. The extreme cold causing Papa Loco to explode with with the chilling bite manage to bring Santiago to edge of life. and then a few frozen pillers shot from the ground cutting off the Ortegas from the remains of rasputina's crew.

Ramos then brought his might to bear and unleashed an electric fire upon francisco taking him out but unfortunately suffered as perdita began focusing on Ramos.

Rasputina sensing that the steamborg was coming up behind her turned back toward the area and unleashed the fury or winter on the Steamborg with the biting chills of winter freezing over the parts of the Steamborg. However the steamborg still managed to survive.

Perdita and francisco took one Ramos and managed to riddle him with holes however the spider's still remained. One of the spiders managed to sabotage one of the religious obelisks left from the old religion of Malifaux. while another managed to detonate near Santiago killing him off.

Rasputina faced off against the Steamborg but was unable to survive the scything claws.

The Golem acting on the final orders it was given in Rasputina's dying gasp rushed towards the ice pillars and shattering one of to give it an avenue of attack to Perdita. Nino in the meantime swing down the aisle and unleashed a flurry of shots to being the Steamborg down.

The Golem brought itself in range of Perdita but only managed to do a few minor damage to Perdita. The Arachnids seemed to be focused on avenging the death of their master by homing in on the Ortegas and exploding.

Perdita rushed the Golem attempting to execute him but only managing to do minor damage taking a chunk out of the golem's hide, and freezing in her tracks. The golem Made its strike and damaged perdita and brought the second strike to bear hurting Perdita significantly. Perdita brought her weapons bear and opened fire on the golem causing him to shatter taking out Perdita as a parting strike.

Nino being the last one standing, helped his family as best he could and reported back to the Guild. but was unsuccessful in the reconnoiter.

Rasputina managed to prevent anyone from finding the hidden Cult of December hallowed ground but failed in sabotaging the forest.

Ramos in the meantime had managed his sabotage and holding his ground.

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This was a Three way battle between Myself as Rasputina, CrazyBones as Ramos, and one other as the Ortegas.

Made for an interesting battle and as a multiplayer game it makes for some interesting chaos, Initiative becomes increasingly important.

I'm sure Crazybones will be able to add in the event I missed something.

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