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Awright fi Scotland


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Hello form Bonnie Scotland,

just read about Malifuax last week but have been aware of Wyrd Minis for a while but I never really buy until I have a use for the minis

More a gamer than a painter.

However just ordered the rules 4 boxed sets and 4 decks of cards to get started hopefully get them soon but everyone in UK seems to be out of stock!

Looks great and really like the online mag nice basing tips and walkthroughs might even attempt them myself.

Nice to be part of a new game .


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Hi and welcome! It does seem as though the interest in the UK has been quite good, and even though we've been sending boxes over there like crazy, the distributors don't seem to be able to keep it in stock! I guess a good problem to have, and hopefully no one will have to wait too long.

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