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Curse you, Owen!


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Thanks to my buddy Owen [McNs], I'm hooked on Malifaux as well. I stopped by the booth at GenCon and got to speak to Kel a good bit, and saw a lot of cool models and whatnot. I picked up the book, and showed up to 'play with the developers' and the the 1st Nationals tourney.

I'm leaning towards the Resurrectionists, but I'm still reading through the book and fluff, and might go to the Outcasts depending on how I like the rules once I've digested them.

Thanks to Ambrose and Sketch for helping me out with the rules on those days. Can't wait to start playing more!


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Yeah, McNs really helped me out.

I've been reading through the rules, and I'm learning all these things I didn't even know! Such as being able to heal by flipping and discarding soulstones, Defensive Stances, Focus, etc!

Can't wait to finish reading the book.


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