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7/7/07: the Unluckiest Day


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It appears to have been a while since anyway had posted anything here, so I thought I'd give it a shot.


It was on that day, July 7, 2007, that the world changed.

What was supposed to be one of the luckiest days of the century, 7/7/07, the world as it used to be changed forever. Technology ceased to function and everyone was plunged into darkness. It was on this day that the world collectively lost an entire day. After searching long and hard, digging through numerous ancient texts hidden across the world, after the loss of countless lives trying to recover the hidden lore of the world before, myself and several of my colleagues have finally been able to puzzle out what happened on that day.

It all started with an archaeological expedition deep in the mountains of Africa. It was here that the archaeologists found a decorative box, a box with several warnings on it not to open. It was later learned that this was the Box of Sorrows. In this box contained all the plagues of mankind that were released back in ancient times. The box itself was a beautifully ornate box, but it called out. Called out to its mistress who it had been unable to be near for almost 10,000 years. Its mistress who had since passed on but whose spirit had reincarnated throughout the centuries passing from one woman to another waiting to once again hear the call.

It was soon heard by a young archeology student who had gone out on a expedition in Egypt to study a Pharaoh's tomb. She heard the call and was drawn to it. This young woman, who's true name has since been forgotten, and has since been called simply by the name of her ancestor, Pandora, She traveled day and night for 40 days till she arrived at the site in the mountains. When she arrived the people who found the box, recognized the look of insanity in her eyes, at her obsessive demeanor to get near the Box. However, try as they might, they could not stop her, the lure of the box was too strong. For the last 40 days the original group responsible for finding the box had been studying it and trying to determine what was inside without opening the box. All that changed in an instant, within minutes of getting close to the box, it opened itself, releasing upon the world for the second time, all of the plagues and infirmities of Man. But along with that, something else occurred, the opening of the box also unleashed the Night Terrors, the creatures of nightmares for mankind that had been kept on the periphery of mankind. The creatures that had been relegated to being just another horror in the darkness of night. They were once again able to interact with the being that had locked them away so many centuries ago.

With their release, all technology around the world ceased to work, the sun, that bright yellow orb in the sky changed, shifted from its bright orange color to a blood red, the sky itself become not unlike a lake of blood, and the moon, who for the last 10,000 years had but one face suddenly changed it facing and the dark side permanently faced down on the world, creating areas of absolute darkness., areas where light no longer penetrated and where the Night terrors were their strongest.

If you are reading this, then it is because I have failed, while we have found out what happened, we have not yet determined how to stop it. We know that it is all related to Pandora, we know that somehow we separate Pandora from the box, only then will we be able to close the box. Only then might it be possible to restore the world back to the way it once was. We have tried for the last 21 years, attempting to locate where and who Pandora truly is. I am sad to report, that so far, we have failed. This book if it is being read is because something has happened to me, and the book has been passed on to another member of the Order. It is here you must take up the quest, you must find Pandora, and separate her from the box. One way or another the box must be closed!


Loyal Order of the Knight of the Wyrd.



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