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Soothe Spirit Burn Out Trigger Vengeance



If Lost Love uses Soothe Spirit on another model with Vengeance and declares the Burn Out trigger, does Lost love take the Vengeance damage?
Vengeance +X:
After Resolving an action that targeted and damaged this model, the Attacking model suffers +X damage. 

The term "Attacking Model" isn't defined anywhere in the rulebook. The rules do not differentiate an attack action or a tactical action other than if it has a resist or not, the same wording is used for duels and actions regardless of attack or tactical.

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There are a few differences between an attack action and a tactical action. In addition to attack actions having a resist, you also can't perform an attack action on yourself. 

Likewise you wouldn't get to take advantage of the adversary condition if you were doing a sooth soul action because that states attack actions.


Its not an attack action, so Lost love is not attacking and therefore is not an attacking model . I would say therefore they wouldn't suffer vengeance. 

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