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Warcradle Scenics - Rio Sonoro set


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Finally finished putting together the Rio Sonoro set from Warcradle Scenics. Took way too long, but that was just me not having energy after the kids went down to do it. 

For the best pictures you can view the line here: https://scenics.warcradle.com/warcradle-scenics#rio-sonora

I got the set, so just the buildings, no walkways. 

This was the hardest set I've put together. There were some bits that were difficult to figure out from the instructions and some pieces broke as I applied a little too much pressure to fit. Some things I decided the change on the fly to make the pieces more playable (the workshop wanted to glue the top on and leave a wall open.... I adjusted and made the roof removeable, though it wasn't as easy as I thought). The workshop also had a much bigger footprint than I liked so I didn't add the overhang or chimney in the back.

I would give this set a 4 out of 5 for difficulty. If you are familiar with putting these kits together you should be fine, but go slow, always dry fit, and look a few steps ahead if you aren't sure how something fits. 

As always they are beautiful pieces. Most of these building are a bit larger than I like for Malifaux, especially the Domocile and Town Hall. I knew this going in though. The Town Hall is especially large (8"x7" and about 9" tall I think). It's a great center piece, but really takes up a lot of real estate. Unless you want to play inside the building, it makes is rough. Real downside of the Town Hall is there is only one door on the ground floor.... 

The Domicile is large as well and has limited roof space. I modded that one and didn't glue the smaller building on top. I left it so I can remove that piece. Then I used the punched out piece from the roof and glued a bunch of the leftover scrap wood pieces from the Workshop overhang I didn't use to make it look like the roof was 'patched'. Now I can play on the roof too and it's more interactive imo. I also left the Tower section unglued and I think it can work as a standalone piece as well to help fill space if you don't want to use the whole Domicile. So you can use all the pieces together, or take the building off the top and have two peices, or just use the tower and/or the building off the top for smaller footprints (see more pics below for a better idea - you can see the small building near the bottom of the image included in this post).

The Dwellings are fine, but a bit taller than I like. The Foundry is a great piece that will see a lot of table time for me. My biggest issue with them is the set is severely lacking in scatter terrain. The Dunsmouth set is still my favorite and gives a ton of scatter terrain to really help any table. I feel like this set overall may be better for RPG play, but you can see the pics of table I set up using all but the Town hall. They make a good Malifaux table with some thought and a few more scatter pieces thrown in. I'm not sure how much I'll use the rooftops, but they're there if we want 'em.


Still, I highly recommend any of the Warcradle Scenics stuff. Takes time to put together, but just enough color and texture I don't feel the need to paint them. The Dunsmouth set is still by far the best bang for your buck though. 

More pics on OneDrive: 


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Can I just quickly say that I am incredibly grateful for your Warcradle reviews and especially the many pictures you include with them - gives a great overview of how useful they would be! I just ordered the Dunsmouth set and the gallows from the Red Oak line, and would have ordered the Retribution train station, too, if it would have been available at the same shop. :) 

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No worries! I love their stuff and didn't see a lot of talk about them. You'll love the Dunsmouth set - a lot of bang for your buck. They do take time to assemble, so just be prepared and go slow. 

I have some of the train stuff too. I should take some pics and do one on those. The tracks are slightly more difficult to assemble than you might think, but not horrible. 

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Not yet, though I really want that train station. I love the Barracks, but it's honestly too big to use on the table. 

I got most of the Augusta set and that includes train tracks. I didn't get the intact Warehouse as I figured that would be too big to be useful. The ruined warehouse is actually pretty easy to use on the table.


Here are some pics of the Augusta stuff. Ignore the mishmash of figures - I was proxying.


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14 hours ago, Paddywhack said:

yeah - I got them on sale and couldn't resist. Still want the Retribution station and the Theater, even if I don't think it'll be suitable for playing. 


yeah +1, the theater is so pretty, but probably only useful if you build some kind of stairs to make it usable as high ground at least.

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