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Timing of Unnatural Vigor vs Quick Draw


So this came up in another beginner game;

Lone Marshal on 1 HP, shoots Convict Gunslinger on 1 HP.

Marshal has: Unnatural Vigor: After killing an enemy model, this model Heals 2

Gunslinger has: DF [mask] Quick Draw: If this action is 🔫 action, the attacking model suffers 2/4/5 damage. This damage flip suffers a negative.

In our game the Lone Marshal flipped a Black Joker, but before that happened, we were curious as to whether the Gunslinger's ability would fire if he were dead, or if the Marshal would heal first.

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Quick Draw only works if you succeed with the duel (so not get hit) as all triggers are "After succeeding" by default


But if it was after resolving and Lone Marshal kills the Gunslinger, Quick Draw doesn't work as Marshal heals during the damage step and quick draw is after resolving the action (and Gunslinger is dead)

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53 minutes ago, cassa said:

Oh right, thanks :) So just to be crystal clear, even if Gunslinger had lost the duel, but survived, for sake of argument low damage + armor. Losing the duel with a mask wouldn't qualify for quick draw?

Yes. You need to succeed and have the mask. 

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