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Information about Henchman program needed - Malifaux exploding in Memphis TN


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Hey guys :}

Not sure where to post this and there is definitely a chance that I'm too blind to find already available information but....

After dying off in M2e, the meta here in Memphis TN is exploding. I'm demoing 3 times a week and players are going straight to the counter to order. We have 3 tables playing Malifaux on a daily basis, more than that on weekends. Malifaux is taking over Warhammer and Vanguard.

We technically don't have a Henchman. Since this is already taking as much time as an additional job, I merrily went to look for the Henchman application and it looks like the whole program is.. paused? A few broken links here and there and no real way to apply that I can find.

Could anyone kindly direct me to relevant information on the current state of the Henchman program?

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