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Help against Abissinya

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The other day, after a long time, a friend and I, he with Abissinya and I with the Cult, were able to resume the game with two Commanders.
The thing is that my friend used two units of Electrocutioners, and at the end of the second turn I hardly had any units on the table, and that is why I summoned two new units that turn. My two Rinos could not even attack.
Any ideas for dealing with Electrocutioners ??
On the other hand, are the Black Ops worth it? I love the concept and the minis, but they seem very expensive for what they do.
Greetings to all followers of the Cult!

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As an abyssina player doom seekers tend to mess up our elite electrocutioners as does keeping this unit out of glory.  In general into abyssina you want to have something that can drop the opponent from glory be concious of the electrocutioners 12 gun range and be mindful to keep fireteams over 3inches from each other. This limits the effects of area. 

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