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Looking ahead - Book 7


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Hi all,

Of course we aren't even at the release of 'From Nightmares', but I feel like it's worth bringing up the question on what our 7th full expansion book will contain.

We know originally the plan was to focus on Avatars and a 'big game' for the high-level Fated. But of course, this is likely to have changed slightly as Avatars became very much a thing of the past.

As far as what we might want to look forward to seeing? For me it'd be inclusion of The Other Side and the Tyrants. We have modules popping up now referencing events Earthside, so how about some Abyssinian Tech, or maybe/definitely the Horomatangi. We could even have this used as the introduction of one of the, as of yet, veiled Tyrants.

Open discussion commence! What do you want to see, supported with official content, in your games?

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What I'm curious about is the modus operandi / hierarchy of the Nephilim.

Reading through the Penny Dreadfuls that feature them, they are depicted with a variety of aspects:

Wild beasts, instinctual savages, cautious opportunists, Cunning masterminds or ruthless leaders. 

I mean, are they purple humans or is there something deeper? In one PD they are nameless enemies who crave nothing but blood and death and in another they are two lost souls just trying to get home in one piece, hesitant to ask for help. Are they a single unit or does one 'tribe' dislike another for their beliefs?

It would be very interesting to find out.

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