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Real Hit'n'Run — Stalking Portals+Doomseekers combo


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Hey fellow Cultists,

Just wanted to share a nice little combo that came to my mind before our recent Tournament and actually got me the 1st place with 20+20+20.

What we need:

  • Stalking Portals (from Cult starter box)
  • Doomseekers
  • One Tactics token

How it's done:

  1. Deploy one of your portal markers deep inside your deployment zone.
  2. Deploy other portal markers, near the enemy deployment zone, possibly out of reach of their units, so they wouldn't immediately cover markers with someone's fat ass.
  3. Deploy Stalking Portals near Doomseekers.
  4. Activate Portals: Advance or Rush order
    Move Portals to touch Doomseekers — teleport them to the portal marker nearest to the biggest bubble of enemy forces. Place them as closely to the enemy as possible, making sure to leave some space for a single Portals fireteam.
    Then move Portals in base contact with each other, teleporting them to the same portal marker as Doomseekers.
    End of Portals activation (you may as well attack someone after moving, if able)
  5. Spend Tactics token: Chain activate Doomseekers: Advance or Focused Effort order
    Move Doomseekers a bit closer (if necessary) — and fire away, like there's no tomorrow! Popping Doomseekers out of portal near enemy deployment zone, combined with their awesome 16" range almost makes sure you may reach whoever you want, unless they have deployed deep into the corners. Just make sure you don't walk too far away from Portals and/or portal marker.
  6. End of Doomseekers activation: Translocation Ritual. Place a Stalking Portals fireteam in base contact with Doomseekers AND with another Portal fireteam or portal marker. Fly back to your base altogether.
  7. Rinse repeat on following turns.

    If you go first, you may also move a portal marker by discarding a card at Start of turn, to immediately teleport Seekers wherever needed. In this case, you may shoot first and then dart back into the portal marker.


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Played with that. So, well yeah - that is absolutely the worst. Worse than Cinnamon before nerf. 
super-duper inevitable strike with NO chance to counter, NO chance to payback. Like what gets abyssina as fraction? - extra shot at best. AT BEST. 
what does the cult get - ability to teleport whole army to your deployment- and nie - with Tattler’s help - ability to do it with bo punishment. 
It is like no brain autochoice now. I tried to think about counter - and there is no such. 
translocation ritual supposes to save doom-seekers - we got it- fine. But aren’t they powerful enough? 

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