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  1. @Maniacal_cackle The reason is Abomination, which is technically listed by name in italics.
  2. Our small but loyal TOS community would really love to know, if The Other Side and company can survive the chaos that has fallen upon its starter box and new factions/syndicates (and when they are expected, if any) 😉
  3. Not just enemy. Any model with Fast.
  4. Everyone who was expecting "Guild vs Court" starter pre-sales at least in 2019 — take off your hats, gentlemen 😢
  5. Hey fellow Cultists, Just wanted to share a nice little combo that came to my mind before our recent Tournament and actually got me the 1st place with 20+20+20. What we need: Stalking Portals (from Cult starter box) Doomseekers One Tactics token How it's done: Deploy one of your portal markers deep inside your deployment zone. Deploy other portal markers, near the enemy deployment zone, possibly out of reach of their units, so they wouldn't immediately cover markers with someone's fat ass. Deploy Stalking Portals near Doomseekers. Activat
  6. Dear Wyrd, With all infinite respect for your hard work on our favourite games, I believe these scenarios are not exactly what your loyal players are currently waiting from you. Especially two weeks in a row. Especially considering Waldo's Weekly is only weekly. Halloween scenarios are all good and well, but some announcements about future Malifaux releases (and also the future of The Other Side — starter box, new allegiances, etc.), LGS support, guilder program and many other things that worry all of us, would be a lot more appreciated at the moment. And a whole week is just too lon
  7. There's a nice combo quite popular here in Russia: two BB Shamans which "cut each other to pieces" in presence of all the other crew, and everyone receives Focused +1 on each mask. Then, on 2nd turn, your Shamans turn to Mature Nephilims with 2-3 Focused each, and the rest of the gang also has plenty of those. Then the carnage begins. This is mainly used in Neverborn, but nothing prevents you from taking Barbie as a leader, taking 2 shamans and several other henchmen/enforcers who could make use of a lot of Focused (*cough* Alyce, Hans, Hayreddin... *cough*).
  8. I second this. The whole Russian Other Side community is waiting for Undead Tzar allegiance! Natasha, go fuel my reactor.
  9. Oof, that wasn't easy. Many good ones though. Voted!
  10. In M3E Charles Hoffman finally joined Arcanists' cause becoming a full-fledged 2-faction master. But being a double agent does not always end well — especially if you end up between two powerful fire mages who're arguably the best at Burning It All in the whole world of Malifaux.
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