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  1. Played with that. So, well yeah - that is absolutely the worst. Worse than Cinnamon before nerf. super-duper inevitable strike with NO chance to counter, NO chance to payback. Like what gets abyssina as fraction? - extra shot at best. AT BEST. what does the cult get - ability to teleport whole army to your deployment- and nie - with Tattler’s help - ability to do it with bo punishment. It is like no brain autochoice now. I tried to think about counter - and there is no such. translocation ritual supposes to save doom-seekers - we got it- fine. But aren’t they powerful enough?
  2. Still no reply for TOS beta I overcame my forum-fobia for the first time this year just to apply for the beta cause I love TOS so much, made a nice email with photos and stuff - and still nothing. You are breaking my heart... I really liked this scenario...but...really - we want more) just keep it coming...more...and more)
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