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Zipp Zipp!


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Flying Piglets are the best model for the price!

A 3 stone flying model that is not insignificant.  You can do Hold Up Their Forces with practically anyone, you can use them for Corrupted Idols, and you can get them killed on purpose in useful places and they drop a Scheme Marker when they die instead of a corpse marker.

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Honestly not been having much luck with the infamous keyword and end up hiring a lot of out of keyword models or versatile. Zipp is a great independent master though and infamous doesn't really synergize amongst itself.


Usually look at something like this

New Captain Zipp Crew (Bayou)
Size: 50 - Pool: 3
  Captain Zipp
  Earl Burns
  The First Mate
  Merris LaCroix
  War Pig
    Inferiority Complex
  Slop Hauler
  Flying Piglet
  Whiskey Golem


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