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Hello from the UK

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Hi there,


I'm Teacrusader. Just got back into Malifaux with the release of 3rd Ed. I played /very/ briefly back in 2nd a few years back. Had a Rasputina crew I didn't gel with, had plans for Mei Feng, never bought her.. stopped playing.

And now I have dived headlong down the rabbot hole, got most of the Mei Feng crew I wanted (waiting on models that haven't been released in 3rd ed yet) and a Kaeris crew cos I ended up with a Fie golem and her crew kinda gave me all the models I need.

I haven't had the chance to play as many games as I'd like, and I'm still catching up on the Breachside Broadcast, but I'm reall enjoying it all thus far.

I also went a bit crazy and designed my own crew over in the writing corner as a creative exercise.


Anyway, Looking forward to getting more into the game and I am glad to finally be a proper part of the community!

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4 hours ago, TeaCrusader said:



I'm down in Bristol, though I've been to a couple of Wayland Games' tournaments and me and my housemates intend to attend more once.. we can again. Yourself?

other end of the country sadly (Manchester) 

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