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VonSchtook Cards Available?


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Sorry to Make a repeat post if this has already been answered but my Search-Fu is weak. 

I see people talking about VonSchtook Crews but in the M3E Download of cards i did not see his card in the PDF's. 

Is there somewhere else to grab his cards, or are people building using the last of the Beta Cards?


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They aren't putting up the cards of any brand new models until they have officially released. For VonSchtook tha should be September (I think). So right now we are just going off of the last Beta cards that we still have. Note that some people got the crew box at Gencon, so might have actual cards on hand. I'm still waiting for my order.

As far as we know there are no changes that have been made from Beta to release. At least, no one that got cards at GenCon has mentioned any changes I'm aware of. So the Beta cards should be good to go for friendly games. 

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