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  1. Hi All, Played my first game of ToS last night and my opponent and i both couldnt find whether tactics tokens persist between turns. I presume yes as it would be impossible to purchase 5 cost Stratagems in a single commander game if they dont, but just wanted to ask to be sure. Additionally, Is there no starting hand for ToS? We couldnt find any reference to a starting control hand in the rules and assumed you had to buy them all turn 1 with tactics tokens if you chose to. Thanks in advance for the answers.
  2. My Mechanical focused list currently sits like this: Lord of Steel: Kassa Okoye: Basotho Cav: Crow Runners: Steel Legion Mechanical Infantry Dreadnaught Rail Gunner 3x Adjunct Ill Pull my specific Asset list tonight
  3. Agreed, Jokers are the spice of the game. Plus they add an in game representation of the idea that 'No matter how good your plan, something can always go wrong, and no matter how desperate your situation something might always save the day'
  4. I like the idea of balancing multiple masters against activation control. Sure, you could bring Reva, Molly, and Kirai, in the same list, but you will be bringing precious little else and your opponent will get the chance to throw all their ire at one master a turn and bring them down. Not to mention the huge disadvantage you would be putting yourself at in terms of scheme running potential. Plus they will all be drawing on the same pool of soulstones and will thus be much more limited than bringing a one master list built to support them and able to use their soulstone reserve without other friendly masters draining you.
  5. I think That the Oiran and the Katanaka stuff(Snipers, Crime Bosses) would all fit well into the new Brothel crew. perhaps they will get some more performer type models as it states they have a lot of access to lure. I expect them to be several smaller models with one or two beaters to keep the brothel workers safe.
  6. I plan on using Turtle Izamu first, then when i bring him back with Reliquary using the empty armor model for more flavor
  7. Personally prefer the one on the bottom. But both are awesome sculpts
  8. Sweet, i didnt even think of that! now i can use Both of Toshiro's summons. (Laughs evilly)
  9. Thanks to our newest mod Hateful Darkblack! The clear red bete noir, multipart kit, katanaka snipers and base accessories are all mucho awesome! I will post pics as soon as I find out how.
  10. Thrawnic

    Black Friday Specials

    wish there was a translucent blue for Kirai, i went with blue spirits so far...   ... guess ill repaint cause these are awesome lol
  11. Of course they are. Have you seen the new Blot the sky upgrade?
  12. I love this app so far. I assume the reason you cant access any card data is because you need to get permission from Wyrd for that? I would pay for this app in a heartbeat if it included card data. The scheme generator and list creation with the ability to save them is exactly what i want from an app like this. Plus it tracks health and soulstones. Any chance we will see condition tracking as well? IE: Fire, Poison, Chi?
  13. Loving the Ten Thunders Brothers right now. Also you might want to take a good long look at Shenlong and his crew. They are just this side of ridiculous in my opinion
  14. As someone who plays both Ressers and Ten thunders Monks are there for playing against Sonnia and McMourning and Condition dependent crews. Shut down their Condition spam and Mcmourning gets no summoning. Sonnia cant ignore LOS etc.
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