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H: 1E Models & 2E Nightmares W:$$$


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Have a bunch of older stuff just gathering dust, ao I’d rather it go to a home that will love, and assemble, and paint these!

I will actually be at GenCon this Saturday if anyone wants to meet there and save on shipping!


Herald of Obliteration, Nightmare Box Set - $70

Dark Carnival, Nightmare Box Set - $70

Nightmare Teddy (2 of them) - $50 each

Puppetwars base set (metals) - $70

Puppetwars multiplayer expansion - $10

Puppetwars Pawns 2 - $10

Miss Pack - $10

Miss Anne Thrope - $10

Miss Demeanor - $10

Hog Whisperer - $10

Rasputina Alt - $5

Killjoy - $10

Arcanist 2E Arsenal Box - $5


I also have an almost full Kirai crew (metal, box set plus 2 Shikome, extra Seishin, Kirai avatar, maybe a couple other things)  that is just based and primed, but I can’t seem to find any of the cards for them. Granted, they would be 1E cards anyway, but if you’re interested in them, let me know. 






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