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Guild at Adepticon 2019 impressions


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I just got back from Adepticon, comfy back at home relaxing with a coffee after a weekend of enforcing the Guild's will.   It was my first Adepticon and I had a great time with my Guild.  (I also played Bolt Action Doubles, but we did terrible.)  I just wanted to share my lists and collect some of my thoughts on the event.  I was a bit rusty going in, but i was playing crews i loved, my cards were hot, and i managed to fluke into 3rd place for both Henchmen Hardcore and the 2E Sendoff (also defaulted to best guild, as Duncan won best overall so the runner up guild got best guild).


For Henchman Hardcore i ran;

Hopkins- Debt to the Guild, Disrupt Magic

Witchling Handler

2x Witchling Stalkers

- slingshot stalkers and capitalize on the burning.  Glass Cannon.


Started off rough vs Snowstorm but pulled a draw.  Due to a pairings hiccup we ended up rematching r2, and I brought Snowstorm down with a lucky Stalker, a pulled a win.  Rounds 3 and 4 were solid wins vs Neverborn (Aeslan and Candy) which i had really good matchups against.  Got to one of the top tables then got bodied by the Ryle + Peackeeper + Proxy + Effigy list that won the event. Was a ton of fun overall.  Second place was a meme TT list with a huge focus on pushing.  Sensei Yu, Monks, etc. 


For the sendoff tournament i just ran 2 crews that I was familar with and enjoyed playing.  Lucius, Hoffman, Lucius. 

The Lucius list for r1 and r3;

Lucius- Deep Pockets, Secret Assets


Dashell- Arrest Him

Brutal Emmissary- Brutal Conflux

Witchling Thrall


2x Riflemen.

- my double bubble list with lots of ++ flips, i picked Dash because he is big for the rifles and i like summoning Guards which benefit from all the bubbles.  The Emissary's heal bubble (on a tome trigger) is also nice when paired with Devils Deal.


My Hoffman list was pretty basic for r2;

Hoffman- Field Mechanic, Improved Harness, Pneumatic Upgrades


Sidir - By Your Side, Debt to the Guild (should have been Promises but i grabbed the wrong upgrade!)

Peacekeeper- Numb to the World




- Sidir adds a lot to Hoffman's crew, especially if you take Promises.  By your side lets him swoop in and save the Peacekeeper if things get dicy.  And cyborg Sidir is neat.


R1 guard the stash, Lucius v Leveticus and Riders crew.  Lucius did well here.  The Riflemen did a good job keeping his Riders from being too aggressive turns one and two, letting me secure the middle with my more melee elements.  Second turn was lucky and let me slap [-][-] on Leveticus right away, and Lucius did a good job tanking him when he wasn't under Governors Aurhority by spamming soulstones and Devils Deal (which were healed by the Emessary's Aura).  Hidden Sniper was also punishing for his Waifs... it was a tight game down to the wire, until the Hunter tagged the Hodgepodge Effigy on the last turn with a harpoon and prevented a score.  Victory to Lucius by 1 point.


R2 headhunter Hoffman v Marcus.  I was pretty lucky here as my opponent was admittedly not familiar with Hoffman and focused too much on the Keeper.  We clashed in the middle and my opponent was able to take an early lead, but about midway through the game his crew's back broke and i was able to clean up and start scoring in a big way.  A black joker damage flip on the Peacekeeper let Marcus escape and score full points on Entourage, reducing the gap.  Victory Hoffman by 2.


R3 Symbols of Authority, Lucius v Marcus.  I was most worried about this one, as i wasnt thrilled with the Strat or the Schemes.  I was up against a horde leaping Marcus crew where almost all of the crew had leap and was running circles around me.  My victory here was a pure fluke.  Halfway through the game my opponent realized he had misread one of the schemes he selected and that his list wasn't actually eligible for that scheme... capping him at 7 points (which he scored easily). I managed to squeak out 8 (by millimeters).  My opponent was a great sport, probably the best sport.  It was difficult to watch someone make such a heartbreaking mistake, (as his opponent no less), and on one of the top tables, but he took it in stride and played an excellent game with what he had left.  Special mention to my Witchling Thrall who spent the game as a 9 point scheme runner.  Victory to Lucius by 1.


3 wins was enough to squeak into 3rd Place overall, despite my low differentials, which was an awesome experience and I was incredibly proud of my purple mostly metal guild, i had good luck throughout the event (i think i burned off all my bad luck off rolling dice in Bolt Action), and all three of my opponents were awesome players and people.  Malifaux has a great community and it was an amazing experience to be a part of it.


Duncan won the event for the Guild, but I didn't get a chance to see any of his crews, so cannot comment there, i do know he did Sonnia, Sonnia, Lucius.  Outcasts got second, cannot comment on those crews either.  It was cool seeing the Guild secure two of the top 3 spots.


For everybody who was out in Chicago this weekend, thanks for making it an incredible experience, and i am glad i got to meet more of this awesome comminity.   Thanks for reading my musings and hope to see more of you guys in the future!













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