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Operations cards


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I did a bit of work that I wanted to share with you.

First, I love the Schemes and Strategy cards of Malifaux, so I did my own for The Other Side. On the front, you find the rules for deployment as well as the deployment zones for that particular suit (please note that, if you flip two different suits, you find your rules and deployment zone on different cards). On the back, you find all rules you need during play.

Second, I wanted a good overview for the start of game rules as well as the turn order, so I did that as well. Again, start of game rules on the front, turn order on the back. Some of those are also on the back of the allegience cards, but not all of them.

You are free to use them as you see fit, any feedback is welcome :)

Cheat Sheet.pdf


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New document for Operations
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Looks great! Slight nitpick, I'm fairly certain it's spelt "Morale" in Morale Action (the flag). Otherwise I would accuse my little Gibberers of suddenly growing a conscience! 

Additionally, do you have any idea how I could make these printouts "card sized"?

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Good point about the morale. Foreign person here... may actually fix that :) Maybe I can actually take the symbol...

You can print it in card size if you print 9 pages (3x3) to a page. The font size is big enough that it should be easily readable.

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