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Resisting destiny


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Hi, super new to TTB.

The destiny part mentions that the fated will either have to accept or rebel against their destinies. Are there actual rules for refusing your destiny or is it merely, "this is how the FM planned the session and that didn't happen..."?

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I see the destiny steps as being a thing that Fate dictates will happen. No matter what happens this things will happen and that’s how it should be written. But as a Fatemaster, I incorporate ways to deny Fate what it was promised to make things a bit more interesting for the player. Mechanically nothing changes asking as long as SOMETHING happens.

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The fate steps I take the most pride in are the ones that don't feel so much as "yes-no" or "good-bad" or "pass-fail." My favorite steps are the ones where all players debate the interpretation and choices of the player in question. The best example of this that I can quickly recall was the Nythera global campaign... during the actual global event (not the published adventure). In it, Wyrd offered individual secret Fated "goals" that rewarded roleplay (ie your Fated hears voices, and believes they are helpful spirits. Convince the other players your Fated hears these voices WITHOUT telling them directly) or mechanical objectives (ie earn 10 Scrip by gambling this session) each session. It was a neat way of replacing Destiny Steps, since such Destinies are oft discarded to tell canned story.

Wyrd doesn't do this anymore for their TtB global events (at least, they didn't for A Stitch in Time), possibly because the more quantitative mechanical objectives were "easier" than qualitative roleplay. Nevertheless, I still liked the Epilogue discussion that ensued each session on said roleplay objectives, as some Fated pleaded their case for fulfilling their objective while the rest of the group (not just the FM!) agreed or disagreed.

I know it might be strange to recommend running Destiny Steps by... uh... not running Steps specifically, but it's a practice of mine is trying to obscure success and leave it to the entire group to debate if a specific Step was Accepted/Denied.

If you want to be more straight forward, really pay attention to steps that have built-in alternative choices. One of my recent players had "you will choose the quill over the sword." I set up the Scene where the Fated walk in on an ally NPC being coerced into a local gang to purchase "protection." When the Fated announced their presence, the NPC specifically asked for advice from the fating-Fated in question, and the gang boss offered a sheet of paper to that one Fated to sign and complete the transaction, all the while gang thugs loomed, cracking knuckles. The party drew weapons on the one Fated's cue, and combat ensued. Obviously this meant he chose the "sword" (combat to repulse the thugs) over the "quill" (agreeing to the protection racket), denying his fate, but was such a denial the "bad" or "wrong" result? Time will tell.

TLDR: Take a look at old Nythera Fated "objectives," they would be cool to incorporate into normal Steps. Also, as FM, don't plan on one Railroad Plan as the "one" Destiny Plan. Instead, try and offer one particular choice that mirrors a Fated Destiny Step each session, and let the follow actions/reprisals remain fluid to their (Fated) decision(s).

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