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Jesy Blue

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So, as most people are putting the game on hiatus, I have taken it upon my self to convert new players.  So I played a first learning game with my friend Emily.  Prebuilt two 25 point henchmen lead crews, listed below.  She chose Ten Thunders (she wants to play Neverborn, but I don't run that faction).

Declared Faction: Outcasts
Crew Name: Training #1 25ss
Leader: Viktoria of Blood - Cache:(3)
   Mark of Shez'uul 2ss
   Synchronized Slaying 2ss
Student of Conflict 4ss
Vanessa 8ss
   Sisters In Spirit 1ss
Convict Gunslinger 7ss
   Return Fire 1ss

Declared Faction: TenThunders
Crew Name: Training #2 25ss
Leader: Ama No Zako - Cache:(4)
   Servant Of 5 Dragons 1ss
Yin the Penangalan 8ss
   Smoke Grenades 1ss
Katashiro 5ss
Yokai 5ss
Tengu 4ss

After showing her what each of her models did, we went through ever set up step, including flipping for schemes and strategies, and wouldn't you know it she flipped for Supply Wagons while I have only three usable 30mm models!

Long and short of it, she legit beat me 7 to 6, with only a few pointers of tactics, like don't move into base contact with Viktoria of Blood!  It could have been worse as her Vendetta choice got stuck in a scheme runner role and she got no points for it, but got all the points for Hidden Treasure and Supply Wagon, even thought I killed all her models on turn 5.

I'll probably do another couple of these low model count training games before going up onto a full 50 SS.

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