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What's Wyrds Policy on Fan-Games?


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Here's the "The Use of Wyrd IP" thread:  

I don't know what you mean by a "Fan-Game", but the three big points from that thread are:



Here are some simple rules about usage:

  • You can use our IP for your personal use. Personal use means that you are using the item for your own purposes: if you make up your own Scheme Markers, for example, there is no issue there.
  • If you make use of our IP and wish to give away your creation (such as a Fate Deck), you must submit a Copyright Use Request form to us well in advance of you giving anything away. That request may be approved or rejected based on various circumstances. You can find the form attached, and you can reach out via the Contact forms on our website to get us the form.
  • You may never sell items using Wyrd’s IP. This most often occurs with Fate Decks or tokens. If it uses our images or a derivation of our images, it may not be sold.

Under no circumstances does a lack of reply from us constitute permission. If you do not hear back from us, it is your responsibility to reach back out to us.



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