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Warm greetings from snowy Russia! 
I'm new in Malifaux and I just started to collect Guild and choose Dita as my first master (Just pick her for magnificent miniature and pose). As I know, we have pretty diversified meta, but there are more skillful Res an Nev players. 
What would u recomend me to expand my collection as Dita main master? 
I should bring my apologies cause Eng isn't my native, if there are any mistakes ;)

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Welcome to the guild! A model you can never go wrong with is the brutal effigy (the small puppet) . It works very well with Perdita.

Monster hunters are very efficient killers from what I have heard but I haven't used them. I think they are family so have some extra bonuses from Perdita (her upgrade to increase thei wp) and she can push towards them so they help her mobility.

I personally like to use guild guard or guild hounds to increasy my activation count and run schemes. Perdita's normal crew is very elite so it's useful to have more activations.

Nellie's box could also be a nice addition. The reporters can run schemes and are very efficient for 4ss and Phiona Gage is pretty tanky and hits hard. Reporters cannot be charged which is usually very good against both resser and nrveborn damage dealers.

Against a summoning resser you often need to hit the master early so they don't flood you, other work differently. Neverborn are often melee-focused but some masters have a very good ranged game.

In summary I would recommend:

1. Brutal effigy

2. Nellie's box (my recommndation) OR guild hounds/guild guard and one big damage dealing model.

3. Monster hunters (optional).

You can go out and buy the entire faction to collect the perfect model for each job but it is usually best to start with a couple of boxes and accept that you will lose a few games against experienced players. I joined a meta of good players and it took me a long time before I could beat them. When ai started winning it had more to do with me learning how things worked than buying more models. 

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Ludvig put you in a good direction. The place I would disagree with him is on Nellie's box. I dig some Nellie and use Phiona in a lot of lists but with Perdita you already have plenty of Elite choices in her own box that I rarely find room to run Phiona + Upgrades. Nellie's box is a great buy if you are going to run Nellie but if you initially plan on running Perdita exclusively for a while then I would get the Brutal Effigy. Monster Hunters, and Guild Investigators and/or Thalarian Quellers. 

The Effigy gives heals and some limited card draw, the Monster Hunters are just great for their points and have a lot of tricks, the Investigator gives you pushes, another card a turn, and anti-scheme as well. The Thalarian Quellers are additional anti-armor/anti-incorporeal if you play against crews that are heavy with either. For your meta the Investigator is probably the better buy. The Guild Guard (just buy the Lucius box when you get around to them) are great for additional cheap activations, scheme running, etc. 

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Get Phiona the reporter upgrade and dig their graves is stupidly easy. That scheme comes up so often and is such a no-brainer that I would say about 30% of the entire trick to winning games of malifaux right now is doing dig their graves efficiently. Phiona does that with such a huge margin in guild. No interact action needed and you place the marker so you can kill the model in one activation without them really having any way of responding. She is decently sturdy, hits hard and has a good ml stat. Just having Phiona pushes you up a notch or two in the competition to win games. Nothing in Perdita's box can dig like Phiona can. Companioning from a schemer to Francisco can work but requires your schemer to be unengaged, no stupidly placed friendly markers and the enemy to not have any abilities which shut down interacts. Phiona just does it pretty much regardless of enemy defensive tech (except for our excellent investigators which are fenomenal at shutting down dig their graves)

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@Ludvig no need to convince me. She is my most run Henchman with almost any master in Guild. 

I just think for a new player who is using Perdita that the Monster Hunters are a better first buy. They are a third of the cost ($) and Perdita can use both (the whole box) vice buying the Nellie box and only using Phiona until you start playing Nellie. 

From a cost perspective for the cost of the Nellie boxnhe can get the Monster Hunters, Guild Investigators, and Effigy and come out with more overall that will work good with Perdita. 

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